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Karachi police kill 3 key members of Lyari gang

KARACHI: At least three key members of Lyari’s Sawar Baloch gang were killed on Sunday morning in a clash between the gang members and Karachi police, Express News reported.

Police, acting on a tip-off, shot dead the chief of the gang, Baap Baloch, who was allegedly involved in 70 different criminal acts including theft and extortion.

Baloch’s associate, Yasin Golden, was also killed in the clash.

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Incidents of armed gangs fighting each other and targeting security forces are rampant in this restive neighbourhood. Earlier on January 20, at least fifteen people, mostly adolescent children belonging to the Hindu community, were wounded in a grenade attack in Old City area in what officials believe was a gang related attack.

Crying foul: Lyari residents decry lack of civic amenities

KARACHI: Acute shortage of potable water, overflowing gutters, swarms of mosquitos, choked nullahs, piles of debris, out-of-order street lights, encroachments and a high incidence of street crime have made Lyari virtually unlivable.  

These were some of the issues that were brought to light by residents of Karachi’s oldest neighbourhood at a meeting held at the commissioner’s office on Wednesday. The meeting was convened to register the residents’ complaints regarding civic issues in the neighbourhood.

“Lyari has become famous for drug peddling and gang war but maybe the government has forgotten that it is also home to 3.5 million peaceful citizens,” said a resident.

The MNA-elect of the constituency, Shahjehan Baloch, said that a peaceful, hygienic environment was the citizens’ basic right and the government must make efforts to resolve the issues. He referred to encroachments at Kalri and Pitcher nullahs that have completely choked the sewage system.

“The extension of Kalri and Pitcher nullahs has been approved but due to some hidden agenda, the tenders of these nullahs still rest under the pile of files,” he said.

Speaking about the shortage of water in the vicinity, Baloch said that the tanker and water hydrant mafia had choked the main trunk lines and were openly stealing the water meant for the residents. “Due to these leakages, the sewage water is getting mixed with potable water, which has made it hazardous for the residents’ health,” he lamented.

“Since 1992, the government has stopped hiring sanitary workers, due to which the area has become a breeding ground of mosquitos and garbage has piled up in every corner of the neighbourhood.”

Will such meetings bear fruit?

Karachi Metropolitan Corporation CBA union president Syed Zulfiqar Ali Shah believes that such meetings will be futile until the issue of salaries of the Lyari Town employees is resolved.

“Lyari Town’s employees have not been paid salaries for the last three months,” he said.

Commissioner Shoaib Ahmed Siddiqui agreed that in Keamari town too, there was a serious issue of salaries. “I have personally written a letter to the Sindh government ‘s finance department to resolve the salary crisis in Lyari town,” he said.

Published in The Express Tribune, January 22nd, 2015.

Govt apathy: Lyari Expressway project in limbo for past 11 years

KARACHI: Even after passage of 11 years, construction of the Lyari Expressway could not be started, primarily due to negligence of the provincial and federal government, sources said.

The centre and province have pumped in billions of rupees into the project, but the much publicised road seems to be going nowhere.

Over Rs5 billion have gone into construction of the expressway and the rehabilitation of the affected people, whereas Rs3 billion are still required to carry on the project, according to official figures.

The eight-lane traffic artery will connect the Mauripur truck stand near Karachi Port with Super Highway by-passing the city.

Sources alleged that Sindh Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah has reportedly posted corrupt officials of choice to handle the rehabilitation of the people affected by the expressway construction.

Sources claimed that corruption in distribution of plots to the expressway victims has tipped all scales. While the real beneficiaries are running from pillar to post to get their right, corrupt officials are minting money by doling plots to people of their choice, sources said.

Initially, there were only 16,000 people affected by the Lyari Expressway, the number has now increased to 30,000. The resettlement of the displaced people had become the core issue that had delayed the project.

The southern section of the expressway had been constructed in 2008, but the northern section still awaits clearance. According to an official of the National Highway Authority, only a section of 2.2 kilometres remains to be developed.  Work on the said portion will start after NHA gets right of the way, following which the projects will be completed within a year.

Published in The Express Tribune, January 20th, 2015.

Two police constables killed in Lyari attack

KARACHI: Two police constables were shot dead when the check-post they wre manning in Lyari area of Karachi came under gun attack on Saturday.

The incident took place at Moosa Lane area of Lyari that fall within the limits of Baghdadi police station.

The constables were deputed at the post when unidentified armed men resorted to indiscriminate firing.

“We could not say how many assailants were behind the attack because of the power failure in the locality at a time of incident but it is confirmed that they were on motorcycles,” said DSP Murtaza Mirani.

The two police officials were identified as Muhammad Saeed, 40, son of Syed Akbar and Niaz Hussain, 40, son of Qadir Buksh.

Their bodies were taken to the Civil Hospital for autopsies.

Witnesses said that usually there are four policemen deployed on the police post but only two were present at the time of incident.

SHO Haq Nawaz said that the gangsters from Lyari were behind the incident but they have yet to determine which of the group of gangsters was responsible for this attack.

Following the incident, police officials arrived at the site amid heavy police and Ranger presence, to collect evidence.

Officials also conducted a thorough search operation in the area.

Worker of MQM’s Rabita committee shot dead in Lyari

KARACHI: A worker of  Muttahida Qaumi Movement’s (MQM)Kachi Rabita Committee was shot dead on Sunday by four unidentified armed men in Karachi’s Lyari, Express News reported.

The deceased was identified as Muhammad Hussain Kichi, sources confirmed.

The assailants, riding two motorbikes, opened fire at the victim.

Soon after the incident, firing continued in various parts of Lyari.

Where gangs reign supreme: In Lyari, the wrong blood relation can be your death warrant


The killing of a father and son in Lyari has shed light on the recent trend of violence in the restive neighbourhood where connections to a gang can be your death warrant.

Abdul Ghaffar, 50, who was the father of an alleged member of a Lyari-based gang paid the ultimate price along with his other son, 28-year-old Ghulam Mustafa. The two men were shot dead allegedly by members of a rival gang on Friday night.

Their relatives, witnesses and law enforcers claim neither Ghaffar nor Mustafa had any direct links with any gang. They were killed solely because another son of Ghaffar’s – Ghulam Nabi – was actively involved in a Lyari-based gang.

The victims were sitting at home located on Gharib Shah Road in Kalakot on Friday night when over six assailants arrived outside their house on motorcycles. “They [gangsters] beckoned them to come outside the house and subsequently shot them multiple times in the middle of the street,” said a resident of the area, SB*. “There were many people who saw them being shot but we could not do anything to save them.”

Target found

According to sources affiliated with the gang, Ghaffar and Mustafa were not their intended victims but were killed because their original target could not be located. The alleged gangsters managed, however, to abduct Ghulam Nabi as he was returning home after paying respects to his deceased father and brother at Civil Hospital, Karachi.

They shot him multiple times as well and dumped his body near his residence at Gharib Shah Road. The family lost three members in two days. Police officials said that Ghulam Nabi was associated with the Uzair Baloch group and was the operational commander for the area. “They [Ghaffar and Mustafa] had no links with any gang,” explained DSP Anwar Ali Shah. “But they were killed by members of Uzair’s rival group, the Baba Ladla group, simply for being related to their enemy, Ghulam Nabi.”

Currently, the ‘gang war’ is being fought between the two main groups. One is headed by Uzair Baloch, the former chairperson of the banned Peoples Amn Committee and the second is being run by Baba Ladla and his coalition partner, Ghaffar Zikri. In Lyari, killing members of the rival gangs was always a routine matter. What is alarming is that not even the family members or friends are being spared now.

Earlier on Friday, an elderly woman was killed and four others were wounded when members of the Uzair Baloch group hurled a hand grenade at the rival group’s stronghold area, Zikri Muhalla. Law enforcers suspect that the latest killings could be a reaction to this attack.

This is not the first time that the blood of innocents has been spilled in Lyari. On September 19, Muhammad Zubair, and his three-year-old son, Daud Khan, were killed by alleged gangsters for having good relations with the law enforcers. In October 2013, 55-year-old Abdul Shakoor was shot dead along with his two young sons, Zahir Shakoor and Abid Shakoor, by gangsters who opened fire at their ‘halwa puri’ stall in Jhatpat Market, Lyari. They lived in an areas dominated by a rival gang and members of the Baba Ladla group suspected they were spying on them.

Published in The Express Tribune, January 4th, 2015.

Grenade attack leaves one woman dead, two injured in Lyari

KARACHI: A grenade attack in Karachi’s Lyari area, leaving one dead and two injured, Express News reported Friday. 

The grenade was hurled at Kamila stop in Lyari by unidentified men and resulted in the death of one woman and injuries to two others, including a young girl.

Lyari has been subject to several similar attacks over the past year with the most recent one taking place on December 15, in which unidentified armed men hurled a cracker bomb near Mujahid Park.


Lyari Expressway: Cost of project has jumped by 154% since its launch


The revised estimated cost of constructing the Lyari Expressway has jumped by 154 per cent of the original estimate of Rs5.09 billion, according to a document of the Planning Commission of Pakistan, which was presented to a National Assembly’s standing committee.

According to the document, the revised PC-I form the construction of the Lyari Expressway project is now estimated to cost Rs12.99 billion. The figure will be considered in the next meeting of the Central Development Working Party (CDWP). The estimated revised cost of the project has increased by 154 per cent from original cost of Rs5.9 billion that was approved by the executive committee of the National Economic Council (ECNEC) in March 2003. The planning commission has said that the revised project will be considered and approved by the ECNEC after it cleared the pre-CDWP and CDWP meetings.

The document further states that subsequent to release of Rs200 million allocated in the Public Sector Development Programme 2014-2015, additional funds of Rs500 million will be provided through re-appropriation on receipt of the progress report from the government of Sindh with the assurance that the earlier released amount has been paid to the affectees of the 2.2 kilometre stretch.

The planning commission has asked the Sindh government that the funds not be spent for any other purpose.

Published in The Express Tribune, December 29th, 2014.

Law and order: Five new police stations to be set up in Lyari, including one for women

KARACHI: Amid increasing lawlessness and violence, the Sindh government has decided to establish five more police stations in Lyari. One of these police stations will be exclusively for women.

This brings the number of police stations in the restive locality to nine as four police stations – Baghdadi, Chakiwara, Kalakot and Kalri – are already there. The decision was taken at a meeting presided over by the Sindh Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah on Friday, a day after he was served a show-cause notice for the Sindh government’s negligence in Tharparkar.

Shah asked officials to provide Rs500 million for the Lyari development package. He also directed them to extend the date for special allowance to the police personnel working at sensitive police stations.

The meeting was held to review the present law and order situation of Karachi, especially with reference to the current situation in Lyari, where three Pakistan Peoples Party activists were killed on Wednesday night by gangsters for participating in the party’s October 18 rally.

Referring to these killings, Shah said that certain criminal elements wanted to sabotage the achievements of the targeted operation conducted by the law enforcement agencies. He said that no one will be allowed to do so and directed the Sindh IG and other relevant officers to expedite the operation against the terrorists. The chief minister dispelled the impression that the Sindh government was not giving priority to Lyari, which is considered to be a PPP stronghold. “We have provided a university, a law college and a medical college to Lyari, upgraded Civil hospital and constructed many roads and parks,” he said. He added that while the Sindh government was extending its development projects, the clashes between the two rival groups of a Lyari-based gang created hurdles in the way of development.

Shah informed the meeting that Rs500 million has been provided for the Lyari development package. “We are experiencing an insurgency in Lyari and others parts of Karachi because of infiltration of criminal elements from upcountry, Balochistan and abroad,” he said. Apropos the suggested foreign elements, he directed the law enforcers to be more vigilant and take strict action against criminals under the Pakistan Protection Ordinance (PPO).

“We need to develop an effective intelligence network to make the targeted operation more successful,” he said.

The chief minister said that while everything demanded by the Sindh police has been catered for in the form of arms, ammunitions, vehicles, bullet-proof jackets and other gadgets, the government will continue to extend administrative, financial and moral support to the law enforcers. He directed the Sindh IG to identify vulnerable areas along with criminal elements and take strict action against them by deploying ‘brave and honest’ police officers there. Shah lauded the efforts of the law enforcement agencies for fool-proof security measures during Ashura.

Published in The Express Tribune, November 8th, 2014.

In the line of duty: Rangers personnel dies, another injured in Lyari raid


A paramilitary trooper of Pakistan Rangers, Sindh, lost his life and another was injured during an encounter with alleged criminals in Lyari’s Nawa Lane area on Thursday morning.

The encounter also took the lives of two alleged members of the Uzair Baloch group of Lyari gangsters, namely Sarwar Baloch alias Commando and his accomplice Owais Baloch.

According to a Rangers spokesperson, the paramilitary troops were conducting a raid in the Nawa Lane area, which falls within the jurisdiction of Kalakot police, after receiving a tip-off about the presence of gangsters in the area.

The alleged gang members opened fire at the law enforcers as a result of which a 35-year-old Rangers personnel, Syed Asghar Shah, was killed while another personnel, Abdur Rahim, sustained bullet injuries and was taken to the hospital. The spokesperson said that Abdur Rahim’s condition has stabilised. Meanwhile, Shah’s funeral prayers were held at the Rangers head office in Karachi.

SHO Shershah Haji Sanaullah, who also took part in the raid, told The Express Tribune that they raided houses located along three streets in the area, which was cordoned off by the law enforcers. The criminals opened fire at the raid team from the 13th street, he said, adding that the retaliatory fire killed the two alleged gangsters. The operation was launched at 6:30am and continued till 9:30am.

According to Sanaullah, Sarwar was a commando of the Uzair Baloch group. Since Uzair Baloch fled from Lyari, Sarwar was the in-charge of Nawa Lane. “He probably didn’t know himself how many people he had killed in his life,” said Sanaullah.

Sarwar’s accomplice, Owais, was a resident of Pak Colony and was also involved in a number of cases of heinous crimes. Both of them were shooters for Lyari’s Maya group, claimed the SHO. Their bodies were taken to Civil Hospital, Karachi, for medico-legal formalities and were then shifted to Edhi’s cold storage from where they will be claimed by their families. The law enforcers also found three hand grenades, two Kalashnikovs and two TT pistols from their custody.

Published in The Express Tribune, October 31st, 2014.